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Frank V. Ille, Owner operator of the Basswood Sporting Agency, Gainsborough England

We at BSA have used RENT A CAR SERVICE Zagreb since they began operations. They are efficient, reliable and realistic in their daily/weekly rental rates. They truly accommodate the customer, rare in Eastern Europe. Mr Dejan Perkov, the Proprietor, has a good work ethic & integrity, appreciated by all that have done business with him & his staff. We at BSA have a long association with him from his former ventures, going back 10 years.

Caren S., UK

RENT A CAR SERVICE Zagreb could not come more highly recommended. The best rent a car service around. We would not use any other company.

Dr. Boris Buden, Berlin, Germany

I’m faithful user of RENT A CAR SERVICE for years. The reason is simple. Absolute reliability, top quality vehicles, moderate price, helpfulness and flexibility of staff. With RENT A CAR SERVICE I’m not only exchanging service for money, but above all, confidence for confidence.

Rob Marish, Director of Photography, Keystone Pictures, USA

I am a professional cameraman and I travel around the world for work and for pleasure. I had an assignment in Croatia and luckily had the chance to ‎run into Dejan Perkov. Extremely professional, very pleasant and helpful. Dejan and his company RENT A CAR SERVICE Ltd. took the worry out of our arrangements, transportation in other cities, they shuttled us to and from hotels and airports. The transactions were easy and the rates were affordable. This was one of the best companies I have dealt with internationally.

Igor Bajlović, DataStream d.o.o, CEO, Zagreb, Croatia

We cooperate with the company RENT A CAR SERVICE Ltd. for several years. We are extremely satisfied with the cooperation. We especially emphasize fast efficiency and very good prices compared with the competition. Their kindness and accommodation to the end user is very high and I definitely recommend them because they are far above the competition.

Orhan Misic, Upplands Väsby, Sweden

Cooperation with RENT A CAR SERVICE dates back to 2008. and worked perfectly all these years. Director Dejan Perkov is extremely businesslike, reliable and honest, always keeps its promises and does everything with a smile (If you don’t smile, do not open your shop, says an old Chinese proverb and it applies to all services). In RENT A CAR SERVIS they are always helpful and so far there are no unsolvable situations. Once, suddenly and unexpectedly, I had a business trip the next day and of course, I needed a car. Despite the short term in a given moment, not having any available vehicle, they still managed to find a satisfactory solution and I had a required car.
Employees of RENT A CAR SERVICE are precise in their correspondence, always is as agreed. There are never any surprises, for example, some additional or hidden costs. Speed ​​of the email reply is one of their characteristics, as well as the effectiveness of correspondence. By that I mean that with them you make a business through a single e-mail, since the requests are carefully handled and precisely corresponded.