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Last update: 18.05.2024.

Rental Conditions and General Info

Reservation deposit
The condition for reserving a vehicle is the payment of a reservation deposit. We accept the following payment methods: cash, internet banking, credit or debit card (American Express, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Bancontact), iDEAL Online payments. The amount is determined separately for each rental.

Security deposit
The security deposit is a guarantee for possible subsequent costs such as: rental extension, damages not covered in accordance with the Rental Agreement, lack of fuel at the end of the rental, traffic fines, etc. We accept a security deposit in cash and in the form of a credit card pre-authorization (American Express, Mastercard). The security deposit is mandatory and is determined separately for each rental. The condition for the return of the deposit is the settlement of the final total payment amount, according to the calculation of the Rental Agreement.

The total amount minus the reservation deposit is paid at the latest before the start of the rental or when picking up the vehicle., We accept the following payment methods: cash, internet banking, credit or debit card (American Express, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Bancontact). Link for online payment: https://www.mypos.com/@rentacarservis?l=en

Drivers age
A driver must be minimum 19 years old with a minimum 1 year of driving experience.

Personal documents
A valid driving licence and an identity card or a passport are required.

Car rental agreement
Before start of rental, Car rental agreement must be signed.

The purpose of rent
In exceptional cases, such as suspecting our vehicle would be used for illegal acts, we reserve a discrete right to decline a customer.

Minimum rental period
Rental period can be less than 24 hours with a minimal charge for 1 day of rental. Tolerable delay is 1 hour, after which an extra day is applied.

Any new damage must be immediately reported to the Police. Without the 'Full Coverage' option, the Lessee pays for the repair in a minimum amount of 300,00 EUR up to the amount of participation in the damage. 'Full coverage' covers in full one damage (one harmful event). All vehicles are insured against liability for damage caused to a third party. Damage caused by our vehicle is covered by the insurance company up to the amount specified by law. The all above is valid if all conditions from the vehicle rental agreement are fulfilled.

Cancelation policy
In case of cancellation, reservation deposit is not refundable, but it can be used for the next rental.

End of rental before the agreed date
If the vehicle is returned before the agreed date, the contract is calculated with the return date + the additional 100,00 EUR fee for early return. New total amount can not be higher than previous agreed amount.

Fuel is not included in the price. The vehicle should be returned with the same amount of fuel as on pick up. If the amount of fuel is less than on pick up, missing fuel will be charged upon return, without refueling charge.

Price list of extraordinary expenses
Dry cleaning of the interior of the vehicle: 120,00 EUR
Lost or stolen car key: 100,00 EUR - 200,00 EUR (depends on key type)
Lost or stolen car documents: 300,00 EUR
Fueling wrong fuel: 100,00 EUR - 400,00 EUR (depends on the vehicle and where it is located)
Processing / reinvoicing subsequent costs incurred in Croatia (parking ticket, speed ticket, etc.): 20,00 EUR + ticket + VAT
Processing / reinvoicing subsequent costs incurred outside of Croatia (parking ticket, speed ticket, etc.): 40,00 EUR + ticket + VAT
Costs not listed in this price list will be charged as agreed and/or depending on the type of cost.