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A driver must be minimum 21 years old, with a minimum driving experience of 2 years.


You need to present a valid driving licence, an identity card or a passport.


Credit card preauthorization is required as a guarantee of payment (Amex, Diners, MasterCard, Visa). The amount of preauthorization depends on a number of rental days, a group of vehicle, insurance, countries to which you travel, etc.


After finishing the procedure both parties sign the Car rental agreement.


In exceptional cases, such as suspecting our vehicle would be used for illegal acts, we reserve a discrete right to decline a customer.



Rental could last shorter than 24 hours, with a minimal charge of one day (24 hours). Tolerable delay is 1 hour, after which an extra day will be charged.


Payment is the at end of rental. It can be done by cash, credit cards (Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Diners), bank cards (Maestro, Visa electron) and a bank transfer. For bank transfer payment postpone is 10 days.


- Basic insurance with participation in damage
- Theft insurance
- Personal Accident Insurance
- Full insurance without participation in damage
Every new damage must be reported to POLICE, otherwise the insurance is not valid. All vehicles are insured against the responsibility for damage done to the third party. Damage done by our vehicle is covered by the insurance company to the amount stated by the law, but on the condition that the hirer obeyed General terms of Rental Agreement.


You can cancel your reservation for free latest 24 hours before rental. For cancelation less than 24 hours before rental or in case of no show, your credit card will be charged for 50% of the estimated amount of canceled reservation, not more than 750,00 HRK.


Fuel is not included in the price. The vehicle should be returned with the same amount of fuel as on pick up. If the amount of fuel is less than on pick up, missing fuel will be charged upon return, without refueling charge.


Lost car keys: 450,00 HRK - 1.700,00 HRK (depends on key type)
Lost car documents: 1.800,00 HRK
Fueling wrong fuel: 1.800,00 HRK and more, depending on the vehicle, where it is located etc.
Reinvoicing subsequent costs incurred in Croatia (parking ticket, speed ticket, etc.): 100,00 HRK + ticket + VAT
Reinvoicing subsequent costs incurred outside of Croatia (parking ticket, speed ticket, etc.): 200,00 HRK + ticket + VAT


I have never rented a vehicle. What should I know? What information and advice you can give me?

Car rental conditions and General info can be found HERE. It is important that you take a care of a vehicle in the manner of a good owner. Such clients, especially those who frequently use our services we award with additional discounts and upgrades. For price calculation and reservation please use our ONLINE reservation sistem.

What is this an upgrade?

Upgrade is when instead of the reserved vehicle group, you get a larger group, higher vehicle class, but for the price of the reserved one. For example, you reserve a group MCMR (VW Up, Renault Twingo or similar) and you get a group CCMR (VW Golf or similar). This occurs when, due to a large number of reservations, at moment when you come to pick up a car, we don’t have the car group you have booked. To fulfill your request, which is mandatory, we give you a larger group, but at the reserved price.

How is calculated 1 day of rental?

Rental starts at the moment you collect the car. At the same time tomorrow is the first day. Same time the day after tomorrow is second day and so on. More days you rent the car, daily price is cheaper.

What is included in the price?

What is included in the price is always written. The items are: car rental, kilometers (number of included kilometers or unlimited kilometers), insurances, green card for crossing the border, additional driver, accessories (wifi device, child seat), VAT etc. Fuel is not included. At the beginning of the rental, car is full of fuel and the same way you return it. Exceptionaly, if the tank is not full on pick up, it should be returned at approximately same level as on pick up.

What is the meaning of the abbreviations for insurance (CDW, TP, PAI, Super CDW)?

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) - basic obligatory insurance, kasko with participation in damage
TP (Theft Protection) - theft insurance
PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) – insurance for all passengers in the vehicle
Super CDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) – full kasko, no participation in damage

What if there is a malfunction on the vehicle or I have a flat tire?

In case of a vehicle failure of any kind, please contact us on our telephone support. We always try to solve the problem as soon as possible, depending which solution is faster and easier. Sometimes a malfunction can be solved on the spot by calling the road assistance or the nearest mechanic, otherwise we do a vehicle replacement. Tires are not covered with insurance. In the event of a flat tire, you should change it by yourself and then visit the nearest tire service. You can also call road assistance, but in that case, you pay it. Of course, feel free to contact us and we will at least try to help you over phone with our advices.

I would like to pay rental in cash. Why do you need a credit card?

Credit card serves as a guarantee for payment of unplanned expenses such as the extension of the rental, if the vehicle is returned with less fuel than on the rental start, for parking tickets, for any damage that is not reported to the police, etc. Payment for rental should be made at the return of the vehicle and on beggining of rental your credit card will be authorized for the amount of rental + amount of the franchise (excess fee in damage) if you do not take Super CDW.

How long I can be late in return without extra payment?

The maximum delay that we don’t charge is 1 hour. After this period will be charged an extra day.

Can I drive with your vehicle to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia?

Yes, but it is necessary to pay the amount for the green card which depends on the number of rental days.

I had an accident with a vehicle. What should I do?

Be sure to call the police and contact us on our telephone support. If the vehicle is not drivable, we immediately proceed with the vehicle replacement procedure. Duration depends on your position and we always work in way that you get a replacement vehicle as soon as possible.

I had an accident. I took extra insurance. Should I still call the police?

Yes. Each new damage, regardless of whos fault is and where it happened, must be immediately reported to the police, otherwise the insurance is not valid.

I noticed a small damage on the vehicle while it was on a parking lot. Should I call the police?

Any damage should be reported to the police. Exception can be made if the damage is very small and barely noticeable. In this case please contact us and you will be adviced by our stuff for further action.

I need a car urgently. Is it possible to rent it without reservation?

Yes it’s possible. There is no time limit on how much vehicle should be booked in advance. Send ONLINE request or call +385 91 6293463.

Do you have to pay parking in Croatia?

In almost all cities in Croatia parking has to be paid. Sign for the obligation to pay is on each lot. In the city center is more expensive and there is a time limit. If you are planning to stay longer in the city center, the best is to look for a garage, because there is no time limit. You pay for each hour and somewhere are daily prices. Payment can be made by mobile phone by sending an SMS message or you can purchase ticket at the machine located at the parking lot. On average, price goes from 5-10 KN/hour. On certain special locations such as airports are more expensive.

Can someone other than me drive a car?

The vehicle may be used only by the person who rented it (renter) and the person who is specified in the rental contract as an additional driver. Exceptionally, while the renter is in the vehicle, a third person is alowed to drive, with a remark that renter has full responsibility for all possible traffic violations, parking tickets, etc.